Electronic Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit a PDF file of your poems as listed in CONTEST REQUIREMENTS. It's all the same electronically, except this will be a single file instead of a single stack of paper.

    PDF will be the only form accepted. Other formats WILL upload to the database but will not be accepted by the contest chair.

    We used doc/docx last year and formatting issues caused some problems! PDF only

    Any normal word processor will have a "print to PDF" function or save as PDF function.

  • This is a SINGLE PDF file consisting of two instances of each poem, first copy named, second copy unattributed.

  • Let me RESTATE this. Two copies of each poem, in order:  A named/ A unattributed then B named/ B unattributed... etc. This means using headers and footer settings for name and address won't be possible w/o some annoyingly complex sections. The goal here is to make it as easy as possible for the contest chair, and that means a little more work on our end as poets.

  • Members be sure to LOG IN to the website so that the members-only PayPal link displays!

  • Upload a single document only. Multiple documents will not be accepted. If you decide to enter more contests after already having submitted a PDF previously, contact steven.a.gillis@gmail.com. Steven will delete your previous submission and then let you know that you can re-submit a new file. He will respond within 24 hours. He will check extra close the day before deadline, but please allow 24 hours notice.