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Entries must be  postmarked by or received online by 11:59 PM
September 20, 2023. 




Open to ASPS Members Only

$75, $50, $25, $10 and 3 Honorable Mentions in order of merit

Any form, any subject, no line limit.


2. AR Walker Healing and Words Competition (Sponsored by Sue Brannan Walker)

$100, $30, $10, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: We believe words can be therapeutic. Write a poem related to healing, whether from a wound, illness, or some form of stress.

Form: Any

No line limit

3. FAMILY CONTEST (Sponsored by Roger Carlisle)

$100, $75, $50, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: Poem about a family member

Form: Any

No line limit

4. MAKING A POINT ON FILM CONTEST (Sponsored by Jeanette Willert)
$50, $30, $20, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: Write a poem that presents and discusses a well-known movie that reflects on an on-going social, cultural, or political concern in America, e.g., and Racism.

Form: Any

No line limit

5. BEACH BARDS PUBLISHING CONTEST (Sponsored by Kim Shackelford, Nancy Dickhute, and Heidi Schmidt)

$50, $25, $15

Subject: Life-Changing Event

Form: Ballad

Line Limit: 40


6. BUDDY ROBERTS MEMORIAL AWARD (Sponsored by Harry and Rita Moritz)

$50, $25, $15, $10, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: Making a Difference

Form: Any (If you use a form, name it.)

Line Limit: 40


7. PRECIOUS PRODIGAL CONTEST (Sponsored by Harry and Rita Moritz)

$60, $25, $15

Subject: Any

Form: Any Standard Form (Entry must state the form, and comply with its requirements)

Line Limit: As dictated by form


8. I’LL TAKE THE FRENCH FORM, S’IL VOUS PLAIT (sponsored by Writers Anonymous)

$75, $50, $25, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: Any (no politics)

Form: Any French form (such as Villanelle, Rondel, Cinquain, Rondeau, etc.)

No line limit


9. BKC AWARD (sponsored by Jessica Temple in memory of Bettye Kramer Cannizzo)

$30, $20, $10, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: Something small

Form: Any

No line limit



$30, $20, $10, HM at Judge’s Discretion

Subject: Recovering (Physical, mental, emotional or otherwise)

Form: Any

No line limit

Rules and Contest Details


1. Deadline for entry is September 20, 2023. Entries must be either postmarked or received online by that date.


2. Entry Fees:
       ASPS Members: $1 per poem. 
       Non-Members: $5 per poem. 
   No limit on number of poems whether member or non-member!


3. More than one poem can be submitted in any category, but only one poem per poet may win in a category.


4. The same poem may not be entered into more than one category.


5. Poems cannot have won a monetary award in a previous ASPS contest. 


6. Poems cannot have been previously published, including online.


7. The line limit for each category is stated in the contest.


Submission Guidelines

 By Mail:

  • Submit 2 copies of each poem on 8 ½ by 11 paper, using plain type and fonts only.

  • On each copy, put category name and number in the upper left hand corner.

  • On one copy only, put your name, address, e-mail, and “member” or “non-member” in the upper right hand corner. (Address labels are acceptable.)

  • Submissions should be mailed to:

                          Dargan M. Ware, Contest Chair

                          2154 Highland Avenue S.

                          Birmingham, AL 35205



  • Entries can be submitted at until midnight on September 20.

  • Create the documents as you would to mail, with two copies of each poem.

  • Submit your entries as a single .pdf file.


If you would like a copy of the winners list, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the contest chair.


Questions? Complaints? Brilliant poetry-related thoughts? Email the contest chair at

Technical difficulties:

Specifications for each contest category are found in the CATEGORIES link above.

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