Rules and Contest Details




            For ASPS members ~ $1 Per poem.  No limit to number of poems submitted.  More than one poem

                         can be submitted for any contest.

            For non-members ~ $5 per poem.  NO LIMIT ON NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS (New Change)


  • The same poem may not be entered into more than one category.


  • Poems cannot have won a monetary award in a previous ASPS contest.


  • Poems cannot have been published before in an on-line magazine/publication or a journal, book or other professional source.


  • No limit on number of entries for ASPS members, but only one award per contest.   (Send SASE for winners’ list--#10 envelope only)


  • Line limit for all contests is 40 lines unless otherwise specified.

Paper Submissions:



  • Submit 2 copies of each poem on 8 ½ x 11 paper using plain type and fonts only:

            On each copy, put category name and number in upper left hand corner.

            On one copy only, put your name, address, e-mail and “member” or “non-member”

            in upper right hand corner.

                        (Address labels are acceptable.)


  • Mail entries and fees to

                 Dargan M. Ware, Contest Chair 1271 Glenridge Drive, Bessemer, AL 35022
                     Questions about contests:

Postmarked by or received online by 11:59 PM
April 10, 2022. 

Electronic Submissions:


  • Submit a PDF file of your poems as listed in REQUIREMENTS, above. It's all the same, except this will be a single file
    instead of a single pile of paper. PDF will be the only form accepted. Other formats will be deleted w/o reimbursement.
    Any normal word processor will have a "print to PDF" function. 

  • This is a SINGLE PDF file consisting of two instances of each poem, first copy named, second copy unattributed.

  • Let me RESTATE this. Two copies of each, in order as such:  A named/ A unattributed then B named/ B unattributed... etc.

  • Members be sure to LOG IN to the website so that the members-only PayPal link displays!

  • Upload a single document only. Multiple documents will not be accepted. If you decide to enter more contests after already having submitted a PDF previously, contact Steven will delete your previous submission and then let you know that you can re-submit a new file. He will respond within 24 hours.

    Current Specifications for each Contest is found in the Current Contests Download Link above.

Contest Submissions are now CLOSED