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Book of the Year

Poet of the Year

To submit a book for Book of the Year, mail a physical copy of the book, postmarked by March 31, to the address below. Submitted books must have been
published during 2023 (the copyright date inside the book must reflect the correct year) and be written by a poet who was a current member of ASPS for the year 2023 and/or living in the state of Alabama at the time of publication. (For membership verification questions, email Nominated books should contain no fewer than 40 pages of poetry. You may submit your own book!

Mail nominations to:

Dargan M. Ware, Contest Chair
2154 Highland Avenue S.
Birmingham, AL 35205

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To nominate a poet for Poet of the Year, submit a brief letter of recommendation by March 10 outlining the poet's contributions to ASPS, the poetry community, and/or literary arts. Please keep in mind that this award is for service to the poetry community, not for the quality of their writing or publication record, and the nominee must have been a member in good standing in 2023. (For membership verification questions,

In addition, no one shall be selected more than once in any ten-year period. Thus, the following poets are ineligible: Roger Carlisle (2023), Alina Stefanescu (2022), Jennifer Horne (2021), Steven Gillis
(2020), Jessica Temple (2019), Jeanette Willert (2018), Rita Aiken Moritz (2017), Jodi Adamson (2016), P.T. Paul (2015).

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