January 14, 2017

"Beginning a Writing Career or Publishing
After 50"  
9:15 am

Jacqueline's presentation rang true with a lot of our members! Dr. Trimble was very encouraging on value of seeking out generative workshops and provided many suggestions on networking. She also reminded us to ask our supporters  "Do the Dishes" sometimes to give busy poets time to write! A wonderful and engaging speaker. We could have easily spent the entire day on the topic, but we are also glad we finally called time to get to Adam's wonderful talk!

Dr. Jacqueline Allen Trimble

January 14, 2017

"Ekphrasis: Describing Visual Art in Poetry"
10:45 am

Adam's presentation was based on his fellowship and grant-funded tour of various museums to explore visual art and the environments where it is displayed. This talk was much more than imagery and the diction of art description, it opened up our eyes to seeing art not only on the canvas, but also the wider environment and people who interact with it. The last poem in his collection of Ekphrasitic poems is devastatingly honest. It was a joy to have Adam speak again.

Adam Vines